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[Owner] tenderkins a posted Sat at 16:56

Server Reset

[Owner] tenderkins a posted Feb 27, 14
Yes, Its true, The server is resetting! :0

Why tenderkins. Why are you doing this terrible thing and stealing all of our lewti goods!

Well i'll tell you why little jonny

The server has been going through some rough times, Why?

Since we don't reset often like most OP Servers, We get alot of chunk corruption and errors

Because of this, as you know, The server is crashing alot.

Hopefully this will fix a bunch of things, and make the playing experience better

This reset will consist of:

  • More DTC'S, DP'S And DTB'S
  • Better economy
  • No Crashing (HOPEFULLY)
  • Less lag
  • Better plugins
  • Fixed bugs

What will I loose tenderkins?

  • /PV'S WILL RESET!!! ( This is because of the recent dupe )
  • MCMMO stats will NOT reset
  • Money may or may not stay, Not sure.
  • When? Friday, Most likely.

Any other questions, Just make a post or ask!

[Mod] tyler4011 In the sense of they are our custom gapples again
[Mod] tyler4011 Gapples are now regular btw ...
LACROSSEhero1501 Grapples are to op the only reason I play this server and I donated to it because piping was fun but now that the grappl ...
The recent server downtime is due to us switching hosts, This should fix most of the lag (Hopefully)

This process will take a few hours, So be patient!

We will put the server back up ASAP!

Thank you for your patience!

- YouTube - WWW.YouTube.Com/TeamLemonHD

Server Back Up!

[Owner] tenderkins a posted Feb 13, 14
Server is now back up!

Sorry for the downtime!

Coupon Code : DownTime

30% Off All Donations


[Owner] tenderkins a posted Feb 6, 14
Voting is now set up!

You can vote on 2 websites every day and get 10 MCMMO credits each and some money!

Vote here:



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